Top 3 Outfit Choices For A First Date

As your first date with your new potential crush nears this weekend, it’s time to take a long, hard look at your wardrobe. Your outfit should say you’re flirty and sexy, as well as down to earth in case your date is a little shy, getting over a painful divorce or has been off the market for a while for some other reason. Instead of looking to celebrity snapchats for first date outfit advice (most of us don’t look like RiRi after all), just take the time to assess what’s hanging in your closet, and put together an outfit that will make you feel comfortable with just the right amount of naughty. To this end, we present the top 3 tips we hope will guide you as you select what to wear on your next first date.

Top 3 Outfit Choices For A First Date

#1: Say It With A Dress

There is not a single item of clothing that makes women feel so sophisticated as a silk, flowy dress. Those of us who wear dresses on special occasions only know very well what it means when we doll up for a guy – that he’s slowly but surely finding his way under our skin. Wearing a dress on a first date is unlikely to allow you to relax, but it ensures you maintain your seductive yet sweet persona for the entire evening. Pick a style that doesn’t require extremely high or uncomfortable heels, but wear heels nonetheless because nothing can ruin a perfectly good dress like a pair of wrong (a.k.a. flat) shoes. Wardrobe your dress with a jacket or a blazer that is not too overpowering as to swallow the dress and you in it.

#2: Accessories Do Make Any Outfit

Opt for a discreet necklace and a cuties pair of earrings, and throw on bracelets if you have a pair or two that can bring your outfit together. Remember, choose your accessories wisely no matter which items of clothing you go for, and make sure they match your hair and makeup. For instance, sporting a pair of Swarovski earrings with a sundress seldom works, meaning if your dress is casual, your accessories need to be unassuming as well, and vice versa. Avoid chunky, statement pieces that will stir the conversation and focus away from you and direct it toward your fashion choices. Accessories are supposed to be icing on the cake, not the focal point, and if they add just a touch of class or sophistication to your outfit, you’ve picked them right.

#3: Comfortable Footwear Will Take You Through the Night

All the way to the wee hours. If you’re planning a first date that could stretch well into the early hours of the morning, for instance, if you don’t live in the same town, and it makes more sense to have a weekend-long date than a two-hour dinner, your feet will thank you if you put on some comfortable shoes. Mind you, some heels can be pretty comfortable, especially wedges and platforms, so we’re not necessarily advocating flat shoes, especially if you dress up (which you should). Don’t wear any new shoes on a first date because you don’t know how comfortable they will be, and opt for your go-to pair that makes you feel sexy yet relatable. As hot as heels make many men out there, they don’t, for the life of them, understand women who wear heels they can barely walk in.

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