Top highlights of a vacation in Barbados

Every year, countless sun-starved northerners fly to the Caribbean in search of Vitamin D, white sand beaches, and the infectious joie de vivre that people in this region possess. Barbados is one of their top destinations, as its postcard perfect vistas, its status as the birthplace of rum, and its Anglophilic quirks appeal to many travellers.

If you are planning a holiday here, here’s what you can look forward to while in Barbados.

1) Bottom Bay Beach

There are numerous beaches on Barbados on which you can lounge, but not all are made equal. If you want to visit a truly spectacular one during your holiday here, make sure you head over to Bottom Bay Beach. Defined by its lazy palms, the cliffs that back it, its sugar white sand and powder blue water, it is the vision of paradise many conceive in their minds when they think about the Caribbean.

This special place is popular with locals looking for a good picnic spot – we recommend you do the same and enjoy the specialties of the island in an unbelievable setting. One thing you should note: Bottom Bay Beach is situated on the east side of Barbados, which is exposed to the open Atlantic. This means surf can be rough at times, and currents can be strong. If you are not a confident swimmer, refrain from bathing here – the west side is much safer and suited to this activity.

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2) Hunte’s Gardens

Barbados can be a rainy place half the year – check out the greenery this makes possible by visiting Hunte’s Gardens. A botanical garden set in a natural sinkhole, the amphitheatre-like setting makes this horticultural attraction all the more special.

Here, you’ll find a variety of tropical plants and orchids, all of which grow to the sound of classical music. End your visit with a glass of the plantation house’s famous rum punch, which is as refreshing as it is bracing.

3) Mount Gay Distillery

Curious how the most famous rum in Barbados is crafted? A tour of the Mount Gay Distillery will answer many, if not all, of your questions. Here, you’ll see the stills which produced the world’s first rum more than 300 years ago, and you’ll be treated to a class where you’ll learn how to craft various cocktails with it.

Ending with a typical Barbados lunch, it is an experience that will rank highly among your favourite outings on your short trip to this popular island.

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