Wardrobe basics for the 30-something man

Too young for slouchy tees and baggy pants, and too old for cut-off denims. Dressing up a 30-something man can be a task made easier by online shopping.

Being a man is tough in this day and age, especially when there is a problem of plenty. And being a 30-something man is even harder: you’re at the cusp of the Fabulous 40s and way past the Thumping 20s. Mid-way between being called ‘distinguished’ and ‘youthful’, it can get tricky dressing for your age.


Wardrobe basics for the 30-something man

But this is why online shopping is such a boon – you can pick a variety of clothes and accessories easily using a good shopping app. But do remember to –

* Pick on something your own age!

The body undergoes many changes post the age of 30 years. You might have gained some weight, though it’s great if you’ve kept in shape with exercise and diet. Nevertheless, stick to slightly sober colours and ditch the urge to buy neon hues and loud prints.

Dressing tip: Get an idea of what’s on offer on your preferred online shopping app. Look for pin striped shirts and fitted pants for the office, slim chinos and short tees for evenings out, and ethnic wear for parties and social dos.

* Experiment with colours and cuts.

Being in your 30s should actually excite you rather than depress you. You’re more confident in your skin than you were a decade ago. You know exactly what you like and what you don’t when you browse online shopping apps.So shopping for clothing becomes much easier. There is another advantage of being this self-aware in your 30s – you are also able to experiment much better and find the right balance between quirky and sedate.

Dressing tip: Try something new on and off. It could be a new haircut or a flowing beard. Opt to wear asymmetric kurtas with a churidar instead of the usual three-piece suit. Wear a man bun to the next PTA meeting. Pair your dapper suit with black mojris. The world is your oyster, and there are clothing choices galore on your favourite online shopping app.

* Leave off distressed denims and cut-off jeans.

But though you are free to experiment and try different combinations of clothing and accessories, some trends are best left to teenagers. Take cut-off jeans, for example. This is a style best suited to teenaged boys and really young 20-somethings. Then there is the distressed denim style, which had a successful run in 2017.

Dressing tip: Some styles are too youthful for you, so it is best to avoid going down that road.

* Accessories are everything.

The best ensemble can come a cropper if you don’t accessorise well. We don’t mean carrying a backpack with a cheeky slogan or multi-coloured shoes. A statement watch, a slim tie in a bold colour, classic cufflinks and leather shoes are all the accessories a well-dressed 30-something needs.

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