What qualities you should possess to become eligible for IAS

The Indian Administrative Service is one of the most promising careers that a person could hope to have if he or she is a resident of India. It is a most difficult job to get.The hurdles that one has to cross to ultimately become an officer in the Administrative Service are many and get progressively more tough. The beginning hurdle is that of the Civil Service Examination, that lakhs of candidates appear for every year. The number of applicants actually making it through the examination round and then through the interview round are few and the percentage of success is much less compared to the failure rate. Still, people are known to go on trying and put in multiple attempts to get their dream job. The harrowing process of preparation is only the beginning of a life of hard work and sustained effort.

you should possess to become eligible for IAS

Much of the hype is of a mythic kind, however. Many people taking the exams are actually attracted to the benefits and the respect accorded to the officer in the IAS. What sane person would not want a VIP tag to their name and all the awe that came with it? The kind of work necessary to actually get the job done is another factor that very few people know about.

To persist through the examination process with an end in sight is one thing. But to persevere through a life of equal hard work and risk is a different thing altogether. Certain personality traits are necessary to be an IAS officer in the true sense of the position. Here is a list of character traits that a potential IAS officer must possess to lead the country in the right direction:

  1. Patriotic fervour

Love for the country is one factor that will get you through most of the difficult times and days that will suck the marrow out of you through overwork and effort. The only thing that will get you through the day is love for your country and the feeling that it all ultimately means something and will pay off in favour of the motherland. To build the India of tomorrow, love for the country is a key factor.

  1. Leadership

This is the most essential and practical character trait that any candidate applying for a career in the administrative service should be confident about. The sole feature that defines the job is leading. Through assignments and missions on your field of work, an IAS officer is required to lead the people to a better and brighter vision of the future. Exceptional leadership qualities to a uniform goal is the leading objective.

  1. Administrative responsibilities

As the post implies, an IAS officer is entrusted with many administrative responsibilities. Day to day administration is to be maintained by him or her. Carrying out of the tasks in an orderly and systemised manner is the call of the day for any IAS officer who sincerely pursues the duties assigned. He or she has the sole responsibility in their jurisdictional area.

  1. Decisiveness

Being the head of a jurisdictional area is not easy. Especially in India, peopled by residents of such varied cultural differences, the IAS officer is bound to face many tricky situations. To brave through them with dignity and handling them in a manner that does not fester problems, he or she must have a definitive and decisive approach to problem solving. As an official figure, he or she should be authoritative enough that their word can contribute in solving of situations. Bad decision making can contribute in a negative way to our society, that may even result in loss of life.

  1. Knowledgeable

Knowledge in all areas that the IAS officer handles is an essential characteristic that every officer should be aware about. While the rigorous examination and training procedures contribute to the knowledge factor, every officer has the responsibility to retain that knowledge, acquire new wisdom and apply it in his or her daily life in a truly wise fashion.

  1. Dedication and commitment

Commitment to the work is an essential factor without which the entire administration in the area will fall apart. Dedication to the work should come along with the gratitude to serve the country in the way that they are allowed to do.

  1. Honesty

India has the image of corruption stamped upon it. To do away with that, every IAS officer must do their own bit and be honest in their vocation and duties.

These are some of the main character traits that anIAS officer is required to possess.

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