Why big celebrities are making short-films

A film that does not meet the basic length requirements of a standard feature film is a short film. Before, these films were primarily comedy films or series. Whenever short films were made they were in the comedy genre. Nowadays, hindi short films are being made on all kinds of topics across genres. With the increasing demand for quick-snacking-content and people being increasingly short of time short-films have become the next in-thin g in the movie-making business. With more and more film festivals for short films getting added every year, these films have not replaced feature films yet but are definitely here to stay.

Why big celebrities are making short-films

These films generally don’t require a serious investment when it comes to time. They don’t have long shooting schedules and are typically less time-consuming than full-fledged feature films. The ever-increasing popularity of this format has attracted some of the big names from the Indian film industry to try their hand at it. From mainstream directors like Anurag Kashyap, Tigmanshu Dhulia, Sudhir Mishra, Sujoy Ghosh among many others to some of the big names in acting like Jackie Shroff(Khujli), Anupam Kher (Kheer), Konkana Sen Sharma (Naamkaran- she even directed it, Nayantara’s necklace), Irrfan Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui(Bypass), Naseeruddin Shah(Interior Cafe Night) and several others have already been a part of such movies.

All small and major film festivals have started including these films. A huge number of platforms across the internet like Terribly Tiny tales, Large Short Films, Hot star, Flickstree, YouTube among others have started including short films as a category. The decreasing attention-spans and need for quick entertainment during breaks or during travel has given rise to a dedicated set of audiences for these films. These people want to watch something in-transit, content that will span across not more than 15-20 minutes. With everyone being equipped with a Smartphone, there is a large consumer base for short films.

People these days are always connected to the internet. They are always on the lookout for short and quick entertainment. This is the generation which prefers watching web-series rather than TV-series. There are people who binge-watch entire seasons of their favorite series and then there are some that are on the constant lookout for a 15-minute entertainer. Time is a scarce for such people so they prefer watching all content online and on-the-go.

This ever-increasing demand for content coupled with the niche audience that this content adheres to, celebrities cannot afford to miss a chance of being associated with such short films. This is also a way in which they can constantly stay connected with their fan-base. As the celebrities have to always be in the public eye, this proves to be one of the best ways to achieve it. With more and more big-names getting attached to short films, their audiences are bound to increase even more.

Short films are very different from full-fledged feature films. They have to come to the point quickly. They need to be concise and must also be able to convey the story effectively. It is difficult to work in this kind of environment. This kind of a challenge may often lead a mainstream actor to perform in it. It gives them a chance to prove themselves as actors as they have to be efficient and hard-hitting in a short span of time. Short films take a lot less to make and can gain a lot if they hit it with the audience. So, big actors have nothing to lose when they do this kind of cinema. In fact, they gain more confidence and respect from their audience by giving power-packed performances. Also, they gain critical acclaim as these films test their acting prowess much more than mainstream movies.

With more than 1000 films released by Bollywood every year, short films have a long way to go but they are definitely here to stay. The length of these films may be short but they are not a small thing anymore.

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