Why Smart Fridges are the Future

How often does it happen with you that you opened your refrigerator door only to find it that it has nothing to eat? And the first thing you do is curse yourself for not replenishing the stock in time. Well, we are living insanely busy and stressful lives, and it’s not easy to juggle between multiple responsibilities. When you have so much on your plate, important tasks like replenishing your refrigerator takes a backseat.

So, what if we told you that there is a solution to this. Well, we are talking about the smart fridges that keep a check on the condition and amount of food stored in it. These fridges have a barcode or an RFID system through which the system keeps track of the items stored in the refrigerator. If a food item needs to be replenished, the refrigerator generates a message for replacement. And that’s not it, these smart kitchen lieutenants also track a product’s expiry date. Though the concept of a smart fridge is still in its nascent stages, the future definitely belongs to the smart fridges!

Smart fridge features that will Compel You to Buy One

●        A smart camera that provides a view of the interiors

Imagine you are out on an unplanned grocery shopping spree, with no idea of what you need. So, what do you do now? Well, your smart fridge that comes with a wide-angle camera can help. Simply connect your smart fridge to your smartphone and get a view of what’s inside your fridge and what’s not.

●        Web-based features

Many smart refrigerators come with interesting web-based features and can help you manage calendars, maintain your shopping list, and stream music. Some smart fridges can even mirror your television, which means you can watch your favourite series on your refrigerator’s touchscreen.  And that’s not all, you can even use the touchscreen to order food or groceries.

●        Push-to-open door assist

We all have at some point been guilty of leaving our refrigerator’s door open behind us. Leaving the refrigerator’s door open for a few minutes can disturb the cooling process and spoil the food that’s stored inside. To address this problem, some smart refrigerators come with a push-to-open-door assist that is smart enough to recognise if the door has been accidentally left open. After a few seconds of inactivity, the door closes automatically shuts which in turn helps preserve both food and energy.

●        Temperature control panel

Want to set different cooling temperatures for different drawers in your refrigerator? Many smart refrigerators let you exactly do that. Equipped with hidden panels, smart fridges allow you to set the temperature and control the humidity of different drawers. You can, therefore, maintain different temperature for the fruits and veggies drawer and the frozen food drawer.

Some smart fridges available in India

Samsung RT61K7058SL

The smart refrigerator by Samsung has five conversion modes that take care of varied cooling needs.  Other features include twin cooling plus, digital display, LED light, and toughened glass shelves.

Samsung Family Hub 2.0

Family Hub 2.0 is smart in every sense of the word.  It carries a host of futuristic features such as view-inside cameras, improved shopping list, Internet connectivity, and a 21.5-inch display.


The GC-B519ESQZ by LG comes with an inverter linear compressor, express freezing and smart diagnosis system. Together, these features boost the fridge’s efficiency, which is good news for your food and pocket.

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